Resources for author teams

Several resources have been developed to support author teams to conduct Cochrane COVID Rapid Reviews. Templates for protocols and full reviews are intended to help author teams produce these crucial reviews as quickly as possible and to a high methodological standard.


Access the Standard Workflow Document

The standard workflow provides a framework for managing review production and setting expectations about responsibilities and timelines at the outset of the review.

Protocol template

Access the COVID Rapid Review Protocol Template

The protocol template is designed for rapid reviews of interventions and was developed to address priority questions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic that have been through a topic refinement process to assess feasibility for a rapid review. The template aims to maximise quality and efficiency in the review process and may be adapted or improved as rapid reviews are published. All sections should be completed, and no inclusion/exclusion decisions made until the protocol has been finalised. 

The content is based on a template used by Cochrane Response and methods have been adapted in line with the definition of a Rapid Review proposed by the Cochrane Rapid Reviews Working Group:

a form of knowledge synthesis that accelerates the process of conducting a traditional systematic review through streamlining or omitting specific methods to produce evidence for stakeholders in a resource-efficient manner.”

Approaches recommended by the Rapid Reviews Methods Group (see Guidance below) are indicated throughout the protocol by the prespecified ticked boxes but may need to be amended and tailored to the review question (if you deviate from the recommendations, please specify why). 

Full review template

Access the COVID Rapid Review Full Review Template

A full review template has been developed as a Word document to complements the protocol template. The review template has been designed to allow reviews to be written up and submitted easily while maximising quality and readability. Like the protocol template, the full review template may be adapted and refined as rapid reviews are published.

Links to additional guidance

The Cochrane Rapid Reviews Methods Group can be contacted for general questions about rapid reviews (